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1. Domain Name and Web Hosting

Have you already registered a domain name? Yes No
If “Yes”, what is your existing domain name?
If “No”, and if there is no sense of urgency to register a domain name, please wait to learn more about the importance of choosing the right domain name for your needs before paying good money on a domain that may be less fruitful.
Do you have your own web hosting? Yes No
Would you like us to help arrange web hosting for you? Yes No

2. Purpose

What is the main purpose of your website? Ex. “Market Products/Services Online” “Create an online presence for an existing company” etc., B2b Website

3. Audience

Who is your target audience?

4. Projected Site Size

We specialize in building websites that best fit your business needs and we will offer advice on how best to achieve your goals. Until that time you can help us to develop a more accurate cost estimate if you could categorize your web project into one of the layouts that follow.
Choose a description from the list that best describes the layout of your website?
Basic website with 5-10 pages
Small website with 10-20 pages (some subsections to navigation)
Information website with many pages (several subsections to navigation)

5. Site Features

Choose the features you would like include in your website beyond basic products/services and informational pages:
Contact Page
News Section
Photo Gallery
Downloadable Newsletter Converted to Acrobat PDF for Universal Sharing
Downloadable Forms Converted to Acrobat PDF for Universal Sharing
Website Statistics tracking (web metrics)
Login In/Out system

6. Site Organization (Navigation)

Describe the main navigation labels for links to your pages; Ex. Products, Services, About Us etc.

7. Content

Who will provide the logo for your website? (Choose appropriate)
I have a ‘web ready’ company logo in ‘gif’ or ‘jpg’ and ‘png’ format.
I have a company letterhead I can email you.
I have some brochures or stationery with my logo on it that I can email you.
I don’t need a logo
I would like OB Technologies to design a logo
Who will provide the images for your site?
I have the entire images web ready in ‘gif’ or ‘jpg’ format.
I have all images chosen but I need you to optimize them for the web and make them ‘web ready’.
I would like OB Technologies to photograph our location.
I would like OB Technologies to create custom graphics and/or images for my site.
Who will provide the copy/text for your site?
I have the entire copy (text) ready in a word document format for each page in the site.
I have the copy (text) ready, but I would like OB Technologies to edit and optimize it for the web.
would like OB Technologies to write the copy for me.

8. Web Design Elements

This part of the profile is very important. If time allows it would be good for you to do a search on the internet to find sites of similar interest to your vision for your project. This will help us better understand your preferences in color scheme and layout. Rest assured your site will be custom designed and original.
List two of your competitor’s sites
List sites that represent your ‘taste’ in color, layout and overall appeal

9. Desired Keywords

The words and phrases searchers type into the search engines are called keywords. Please enter the top ten keywords you believe searchers might use to find your website. OB Technologies provides detailed keyword research to his clients based on the desired keywords and making keyword suggestions based upon his findings.
Write each keyword Seperated by space

10. Budget and Timeframe

What is your budget for your website design and development?
What is the desired turnaround time for your project?
Please note: If you anticipate the completion date to be over 6 months – your initial keyword research report may become stagnant as search trends and searchers change over time. We will likely need to review and revise the keywords and related copy to keep the site relevant and up-to-date.

11. Maintenance and Updates

After completing the site do you want Obtechnos to perform ongoing maintenance and updates to the content? Yes No Not Sure
If not who will maintain your site after it goes online?
Please Note: Even if you desire to maintain the site yourself or in the unlikely event of a separation and/or termination of services and you should desire to hire a third party to maintain the site OB Technologies retains Copyright credit for all custom graphics, logos, design elements and SEO elements created on all pages. Once you have sent this form to Nik Soft Designs, we will quote you the cheapest rate from the IT Industry.
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